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Questions & Answers

Am I "comfortable or semi-affluent"?

There are three distinct levels of Estate Planning:

  1. "Ordinary" Wills for people with modest means — generally for persons or families with total assets (including real estate, investments, insurance and RRSPs/RRIFs/TFSAs) worth less than $500,000 (Gross Estate Value).
  2. "Family Will" Planning is recommended for people who are comfortable and semi-affluent — generally persons or families who have accumulated assets (including real estate, investments, insurance and RRSPs/RRIFs/TFSAs) worth $500,000 to $5,000,000 (Gross Estate Value).
  3. Estate Freeze for persons or families worth more than $5,000,000  who may require Family Trusts, Operating Companies, Holding Companies, etc.

Patrick Murphy's "Family Will" Planning Process is based on his unique, trademarked, Half-Tax Will® Process specifically designed for comfortable, semi-affluent persons.

Families who want to Leave More to Family and Leave Less to the Tax Man.

I am "comfortable and semi-affluent". What do I do now?

Go to the "Starting is Easy" page that contains links to the InfoForm, "Family Will" Planning Process and the "Three Step Strategy for Your Estate Planning".
Submit your online InfoForm, call for a complimentary appointment if you have not heard from Patrick within 2 working days.

Many have signed their "Family Will"panning documents within one week!

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