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The Family Will
Planning Process

Step 1: InfoForm
Step 2: Discovery Meeting
Step 3: Signing Meeting ( and delivering our "Comfort" Book)
Step 4: Review/Re-Do Meeting
Step 5: Maintenance of Your "Family Will" Plan
Step 6: Patrick Murphy Estate Planning Partnership

Patrick Murphy recommends "Family Will" Planning as the cornerstone of sound Estate Planning for comfortable, semi-affluent people (worth $.5m to $5M).

"Family Will" Planning allows you to pass your assets at death to your loved ones minimizing their taxes, Probate and other costs, claims and delays usually associated with “Ordinary” Wills.

Powerful, Legally Valid “Signing” Powers of Attorney and “Letters of Wishes” offer complete control of your assets during your and your spouse’s lifetimes and “Health Care” Powers of Attorney, Wallet POAs, Living Wills and Advance Care Directives authorize and inform your substitute decision makers.

Your Comfort Book organizes your important documents, information, assets and VIPs to be notified.

Our experience has taught us that most people want to know the steps which need to be taken in developing their Estate Plans. While every plan is unique, and drafted to meet your individual needs, we have found that the following process accomplishes our two primary goals:

  1. the completion of your Estate Plan in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, and
  2. your satisfaction in understanding your own unique Estate Plan, and confidence in the fact that you’ve made the right choice in using the "Family Will" Planning Process.
Step 1: InfoForm

It’s Patrick Murphy's philosophy not to proceed with your Estate Plan without your commitment to the choice you have made to use "Family Will" Planning Process as the foundation of your plan. This commitment can only be arrived at through knowing the advantages of having a tax and cost saving inspired "Family Will" and Powerful Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Letter of Wishes and Advance Care Directives and organizing your important documents, information, assets and maintaining VIP lists in your "Comfort Book" before making an informed choice as to which Estate Plan is best for you.

You and your spouse or partner and/or family members who you want to be involved in your decision making will attend a Discovery meeting with Mr. Murphy without a fee. You can schedule this meeting by contacting Mr. Murphy’s office and you will be asked to provide some basic family and asset information (complete on-line InfoForm that takes approximately 15 minutes to prepare), or call Patrick Murphy at 613-737-4230 x203

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

At the Discovery Meeting, Patrick Murphy will review your assets and learn about you, your loved ones, and any special concerns or needs that you may have. We do a lot of listening at this meeting, and ask many questions. We want to work with you to develop your "Family Will" Plan that will be custom designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

As soon as you give the go-ahead we’ll begin to work on your planning. We’ll set an appointment for reviewing and signing your documents to implement your "Family Will" Plan (usually within a week).

A WillMap illustrating your "Family Will" Plan will be emailed to you prior to your Signing Meeting to visually show how your "Family Will" Plan works to meet your goals and objectives.

Step 3: Signing Meeting and Delivering your "Comfort" Book

At the Signing Meeting you’ll become familiar with and understand the contents, use and importance of every document comprising your "Family Will" Plan which are then included in your take home “Comfort Book” which also contains pages for Emergency Contacts, VIP Notifications, important document storage of signed documents and sections organizing your Real Estate, Finances and Assets information.

The Signing Meeting will conclude by discussing the complimentary maintenance and updating program and an education meeting for your family members, advisors and Estate helpers.

Should you decide not to proceed, these three steps are free. If you decide to sign you documentation, you will get the Peace of Mind that your family is well taken care of.

Step 4: Review/Re-Do Meeting

We’ll meet again a fortnight later to review your documentation, answer your questions and make any complimentary amendments to your documentation as required.

We’ll also arrange a date for a complimentary meeting to educate your family members, advisors and Estate helpers about the nuances of your "Family Will" Plan.

Step 5: Maintenance of Your Family Will Plan

The final step in the "Family Will" Planning Process is maintaining your plan through a Maintenance and Updating Program. Because there may often be changes in your personal and financial situation, the legal environment, tax laws, and Patrick Murphy's experiences, we suggest that you review your "Family Will" Plan annually --- usually each fall.

A family and/or estate helpers’ educational and the maintenance meetings and any minor changes to your "Family Will" Plan are complimentary unless fundamental changes to your "Family Will" Plan are required and you agree to the fee therefor beforehand.

Step 6: Patrick Murphy Estate Planning Partnership

Patrick Murphy offers a continuing relationship as your Estate Planning Partner through your Complimentary Maintenance Program. You can be assured that as the years pass, your Estate Plan will continue to keep pace with your changing goals, objectives, the law and the needs of you and your beneficiaries.

Bernie Dueck and Jennifer Stiell, both lawyers with Patrick Murphy in Counsellor Law Office, are members of the "Family Will" Planing Team and may be consulted in Patrick Murphy's absence.

If you see the value in looking into the "Family Will" Process, let’s start by sharing our wisdom and knowledge with each other.

We look forward to the Relationship!

If you have not done so yet, please fill out your InfoForm Here!

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