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Pre-Arrange Your Probate & Estate Settlement
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Wills, Trusts & Estates Lawyer

Patrick Murphy, a caring, highly focussed professional with over 45 years experience, has been at the forefront of creating tax and cost saving inspired Estate Plans for over a decade and a half.

His client-centred approach to Estate Planning leaves more to the family and significantly decreases taxes, costs, delays and family disharmony.

“Murphy's special approach to Estate planning ensures that you are equipped with the power and knowledge to give more of what you have, to whom you want, when you want and how you want --- saving taxes & costs.”

"Family Will" Planning
minimizes taxes, costs and delays and
maximizes your Peace of Mind

  1. Testamentary Trusts to Save Taxes & Reduces Probate Costs, Delays & Disputes
    • Testamentary Trusts for you and your Children and a
      Letter of Wishes
  2. Pre-arrange your Probate to make it easier. less costly & quicker for your Family Member Executor
    • Prepare Probate Application with backup documents beforehand
  3. Powers of Attorney that are 'legally valid' with supporting documents
    • POAs for "Signing" & "Care" backed up with a Living Will,
      Health Care Directive
      and Letter of Wishes
  4. Eliminate Stress & Costs from Disorganized Paperwork
    • "Comfort Book" to organize your Documents & Assets, WillMap and listing your VIPs to notify
  5. Estate Windup that's simpler, quicker, less costly & problem-free
    • Letter of Wishes to assist Executors' decisions
  6. Avoid Family Law Claims against your children & creditors' claims
    • Trusts for each Child to protect against ex-spouses & creditors
  7. Coordinate Advisors & Family for a Smooth Estate Transition
    • Meeting with Advisor & Family Members
  8. Help for Your Executors & Attorneys
    • Living Will, Health Care Directive, Memo for Executors & Attorneys & Letter of Wishes
  9. Protection for Second Marrieds, Cohabiters and their Children
    • Trustees from Both Parties and a Will-Maintaining Contract
  10. Peace of Mind

Control your assets, Give them to whom YOU want, when YOU want to, Minimizing Taxes, Probate, Family Disharmony, Delays Marital Claims and Estate Settlement Costs --- and organize your documents and assets.

"Family Will" Planning is especially important for young seniors, their childeren, second marrieds and cohabiters, for the benefit of executors and Powers of Attorney, caregivers and self investors and those with special needs and all who have taxes, costs, Probate or Estate Settlement concerns.

17 years ago a client with terminal cancer made a tax-saving inspired "Family Will", powerful "Signing" and "Health Care" Powers of Attorney, an assets and documents organizing "Comfort Book". His widow wound up his Estate in 6 weeks and she has saved almost $1,000/mo. in taxes for 17 years.

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